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  1. Administration & Development

    1. Administrative Zone
      210 posts

      News about the forum, its projects and community-owned servers; proposals related to the forum; questions / issues related to the forum / a server / your account

    2. Members Zone
      13.1k posts

      Information about the warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to the staff members as well as interactive contests organized by the members of the Administration!

    3. Affiliate Servers
      1.9k posts

      Here you will find all the information you need to join or open a server in LeagueCS Romanian community.

    4. LGCS @ GameTracker 2,012 visits to this link
      0 Posts



    1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
      3.5k posts

      In this category are the official Counter Strike Global Offensive servers of the LeagueCS Romania community.

  3. LeagueCS Community Projects

    1. Watchers Zone
      131 posts

      Do you have a player on the server who is pretty good but you suspect him of cheating? Can't figure it out if he uses a cheat or is just a good player ? Well, this is the area where you can solve your puzzles about suspicious players !

    2. Design Zone
      15.1k posts

      Art, technology and science are not incompatible, contradictory or competing fields, but only specific and solidary. They get involved and condition each other. The designer knows that functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and economical work together to achieve efficiency.

    3. Scripting Counter Strike
      891 posts

      This area is dedicated to scripting enthusiasts as well as those who are looking for answers about certain plugins. In this section you can post requests for plugins as well as new plugins.

    4. Interview area
      1k posts

      Are you curious about someone in the community ? Do you want to know the person behind the virtual name ? Our reporters provide you with interviews with the most active and popular members of the community !

  4. General Category

    1. News
      10.9k posts

      The news is a journalistic genre that presents the current reality, which it puts in a communicable form, then transmitted, through modern techniques of mass broadcasting.

    2. Multimedia
      4.9k posts

      The latest songs, movies, news related to everyday life and small games can be found here!

    3. Online Games
      5.8k posts

      News, tutorials from the world of games, games and discussions about various problems that appear on a dedicated server or any other type of game.


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