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Information about the warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to the staff members as well as interactive contests organized by the members of the Administration!


  1. Apply for Forum degree
    2.7k posts

    In this category it applies only to the degree of Moderator.
    RkANuRF.png Careful
    This category is intended for forum grades only and not for community servers.

  2. Introduce yourself
    8.8k posts

    New to the forum? Want to get acquainted with community users? Open a topic and give us some information about yourself!

  3. Suggestions & Motions
    1.5k posts

    Do you want to help us with a small suggestion, a proposal for the community forum? Create a topic following the given pattern!

  4. Giveaway
    1.3k posts

    We regularly organize contests for community users on various topics and with diversified prizes!

  5. Forum's Staff Complaints
    76 posts

    Does a member violate the rules? Have you been banned, warned for no reason? Open a topic and let us solve the problem for you!

  6. Nickname change requests
    1.5k posts

    Do you want to change your forum name? Make a request here in accordance with the regulations!

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