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Art, technology and science are not incompatible, contradictory or competing fields, but only specific and solidary. They get involved and condition each other. The designer knows that functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and economical work together to achieve efficiency.


  1. Info / Discutions
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    Here you can freely discuss various topics related to design

  2. Apply for designer
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    If you want to be part of our team, we are waiting for you with a request here

  3. Personal creations
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    Show us your artwork here

  4. Works requests
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    Need an Artwork ? Apply here!

  5. Presents
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    Here you can share your work for others as a pleasant surprise

  6. Resources
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    Everything you need to be able to create magic in photoshop can be found here, including support

  7. Competitions
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    Periodic competitions

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