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  2. [ZMX] Rules
    2 posts

    Read the rules and follow them.

  3. [ZMX] Gold Member Benefits
    4 posts

    Find out the benefits of Gold Member. Server maintenance donations.

  4. [ZMX] Administrative team
    1 post

    Here is the list of server admins.

  5. [ZMX] Administrative announcements
    10 posts

    Read the most important announcements/news about our server.

  6. [ZMX] Requests Admins
    341 posts

    In this category you can apply if you want to be part of our staff.

  7. [ZMX] Complaints
    134 posts

    If you believe that an admin / player is violating the rules, we are waiting for you with a complaint.

  8. [ZMX] General discussions
    9 posts

    Server / forum suggestions and suggestions, off-topic discussions and bug reporting.

  9. [ZMX] Admin Board
    0 Posts

    Access is only allowed for people who are part of the zmx staff.

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  10. [ZMX] Owners Council
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    Access is allowed only for people who are part of the zmx Administration.

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  11. [ZMX] Events
    372 posts

    The place where all the events that can bring you extra credits are located.

  12. [ZMX] Tutorials and server information
    25 posts

    Tutorials and server game information. Here you learn how to play zombie xp correctly.

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