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  1. NESTLE | Rules
    2 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Here you will find out what means to be an admin at NESTLE.LEAGUECS.RO

  2. NESTLE | Announcements
    4 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Read all the important announcements about our server 

  3. NESTLE | Administrative Team
    0 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Here you can find out who is on the staff list

  4. NESTLE | Staff Only
    0 Posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif For acces in this category, you need be a member of the STAFF

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  5. NESTLE | Contests
    3 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Join now! Here you can find information about the contests organized on the server

  6. NESTLE | Request Admin/Slot
    42 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Do you want to be an Admin or Slot on Nestle.Leaguecs.Ro? Apply a request after the model

  7. NESTLE | Ban-List
    51 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif In this category, Admins are obligated to post all the bans from the server

  8. NESTLE | Complaints
    32 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Do you consider that an admin abused or violated the rules? Do not hesitate to tell us !

  9. NESTLE | Request UnBan
    74 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Do you believe you were banned unfairly?

    tt9a4n6u.gif Do a Unbanned request after the model and will be justice 

  10. NESTLE | Fun-Zone
    24 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Here you will find forum games for relaxing and amusement.

  11. NESTLE | Discussions / Proposals
    3 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gif Proposals and discussions about Nestle.Leaguecs.Ro ! Server improvement, problems about the server, etc !

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