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  2. [ZM] Rules
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    image.gifHere you find the server rules Zm.LeagueCS.Ro

  3. [ZM] Request Admins
    547 posts

    image.gifYou wanna be part of the Staff ? Apply now after model.

  4. [ZM] Request Upgrade
    170 posts

    image.gifHere you can make a request to advance in the degree.

  5. [ZM] Admins Complaints
    52 posts

    image.gifIf an admin broke the rules and you have any proof, do a complaint request here.

  6. [ZM] Request Unban
    18 posts

    image.gifDo you think you received banned unfairly?
    image.gifApply for a request Unban after model and it will be justice!

  7. [ZM] Server Proposals
    22 posts

    image.gifHere you can make any proposal that you think would be suitable for SERVER

  8. [ZM] Staff Zone
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    tt9a4n6u.gifTo have access to this category, you must be part of STAFF

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  9. [ZM] Server Informations
    5 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifSome information about the server will be posted here!

  10. [ZM] Vote Server
    127 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifVote the server and get AMMO PACKS!

  11. [ZM] Ban List
    32 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifIn this category, admins have the obligation to post their given bans on the server!

  12. [ZM] Archive
    5 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifThis is where the old/unnecessary stations will be moved

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