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LeagueCS Community Projects


  1. Watchers Zone

    Do you have a player on the server who is pretty good but you suspect him of cheating? Can't figure it out if he uses a cheat or is just a good player ? Well, this is the area where you can solve your puzzles about suspicious players !

    247 posts
  2. Design Zone

    Art, technology and science are not incompatible, contradictory or competing fields, but only specific and solidary. They get involved and condition each other. The designer knows that functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and economical work together to achieve efficiency.

    4,617 posts
  3. Scripting Counter Strike

    This area is dedicated to scripting enthusiasts as well as those who are looking for answers about certain plugins. In this section you can post requests for plugins as well as new plugins.

    693 posts
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