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Cerere upgrade

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[1].Name : Codruț

[2].Nick server : Curiosity

[3].Age : 24

[4]. Current rank : Administrator

[5]. Hours played [ Click Here ] https://www.gametracker.com/player/Curiosity/zm.leaguecs.ro:27015/

[6].Link from the last application : https://leaguecs.ro/forum/topic/74214-cerere-up/#comment-361550

[7]. Why do you want upgrade ? : 


This counter strike server reminds me a lot of my childhood and I like to help people who need help from one admin, I apologize for my inactivity but the problem I said on "general admini 

Edited by Curiosity
Nu mergeau accesate link urile
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Activitate n ai mai deloc dar e de inteles, celelalte cerinte le ai indeplinite nu vad o problema, Pro de la mine.

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