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[LEAGUECS] - Model Forum Management (RO/EN)


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Model : 

Titlul topicului va fi (ex) : [FORUM MANAGEMENT] - DNS.LEAGUECS.RO


Nick :
Unique ID ( pentru adaugare grad ts3) :
Nume canal TS3 : 
Contact owner  :
Moderatori categorie :
DNS+Link cerere DNS :
Link Thegamestracker :


Regulament : 

  • In aceasta categorie posteaza doar detinatorul principal al serverului. 
  • In topicul deschis de detinatorul serverului nu are dreptul de a posta nimeni, doar detinatorul serverului si administratorul sau detinatorul forumului . 
  • Adaugarea unui nou moderator pe categorie, adaugarea unui nou manager sau adaugarea unui nou subforum pot fi postate aici . 
  • Respectati modelul. Dupa ce serverul va fi acceptat detinatorul serverului isi poate posta problemele, cerintele prin reply fara nici un model doar precizand ce vrea sa adauge/elimine.



Model :

The title of the topic will be (eg) : [FORUM MANAGEMENT] - DNS.LEAGUECS.RO


Unique ID (for adding ts3 degree):
TS3 channel name:
Contact owner:
Category Moderators:
Sub-Forums: DNS+Link DNS request:
Link Thegamestracker:


  • Only the main owner of the server posts in this category.
  • No one has the right to post in the topic opened by the owner of the server, only the owner of the server and the administrator or the owner of the forum.
  • Adding a new moderator per category, adding a new manager or adding a new subforum can be posted here.
  • Respect the model. After the server has been accepted, the owner of the server can post his problems, requests by reply without any model, just stating what he wants to add/delete.
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