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[UnBan Request] Fanga La Boongala

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★ Nick : Fanga La Boongala

★ IP :

★ Date : 11/05/2024

★ Admins present on the server : υ.ғ.o ︻デ一

★ Admin Name : υ.ғ.o ︻デ一

★ Brief description of what happened : The noob admin υ.ғ.o ︻デ一,  have no CS skill and banned me. I was on the server a bit and I saw him killing AFK players only, and he was doing it for 1 hour to get 100:10 score (seriously, check his demo - he was killing AFKs for 1 hour for score/rank because he is noob, I know it was 1 hour because of the time he was on the server).

Then, I came to the server - and killed him. I killed him immediately when I joined the server (because finally there is someone that is not AFK and can kill him), and he immediately banned me.

He didn't ask for screenshots or demos like the other admins - which I give immediately. Instead - he asked me to install a virus called "wargods": 

1) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a6dc03f07c4a8041191be204138fe99654abf65cf2a24db67562740c36d73e69?nocache=1

2) https://imgur.com/a/cqxsNy2


★ Proof : I don't have proof, because the noob υ.ғ.o ︻デ一 didn't take screenshots or didn't take my demo, he immediately banned me.

υ.ғ.o ︻デ一 - I know you bought your admin with like 5 euros - but that doesn't make you a good player. 

Money doesn't buy skill and υ.ғ.o ︻デ一 is the proof.

υ.ғ.o ︻デ一 - you probably think you are so pro doing no-zoom and fast-zoom with AWP on AFK players 🤣😂 what a noob.

Bought admin to kill AFK players and non-steam players.. LOL


I have 1000's of Steam hours without VAC ban and you can always check my demo, screenshots and my live stream on Discord because my camera is on

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u can forget about getting unbanned , u can go and play some minecraft or some other games :)  

have a nice day

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, υ.ғ.o said:

u can forget about getting unbanned , u can go and play some minecraft or some other games :)  

have a nice day

Lmao, I am already in the server with another name, I've got some more Steam accounts

And to the head of the server - If the server is 95% non-steam bots, I can see why - this noob banned most of the pro players so he can kill all the noobs and afk players.

I can't imagine how many pro players this noob admin banned already.

You can see by his answer here that he is not professional, not only his CS skill is low, but his administrative skills are low because he bans players for no real reason.

Anyway as I said - I am already in the server, enjoy being killed by someone very good (better than you, bot) 


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