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  1. REBELII | Rules
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    tt9a4n6u.gifHere you will find out what it means to be an admin of the REBELII.LEAGUECS.RO server.

  2. REBELII | Announcements
    3 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifRead the most important announcements about the REBELII.LEAGUECS.RO server

  3. REBELII | Administrative Team
    1 post

    tt9a4n6u.gifHere you can see who is on the server's staff list.

  4. REBELII | Staff Only
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    tt9a4n6u.gifTo have access to this category, you must be part of STAFF

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  5. REBELII | Competitions
    3 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifParticipate too! Here you can find information about the competitions organized on the server.

  6. REBELII | Request Admin/Slot
    58 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifDo you want Admin or Slot on the REBELII.LEAGUECS.RO server? - Apply an application according to the given model.

  7. REBELII | Ban-List
    23 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifIn this category, Admins have the obligation to post their given bans on the server. !

  8. REBELII | Complaints
    14 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifDo you think that an admin abused his position and violated the RULES? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  9. REBELII | Requests UnBan
    39 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifDo you think you got banned unfairly?

  10. REBELII | Discuss / Proposals
    5 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifProposals and discussions about the REBELII.LEAGUECS.RO server! Server improvement, server issues, etc.!

  11. REBELII | Fun-Zone
    5 posts

    tt9a4n6u.gifHere are some forum games for relaxation and fun.

  12. REBELII | Archive
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    tt9a4n6u.gifHere is where the old unnecessary posts will be moved

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