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[Champion Story] K'Sante

MahrezVM @ LCS

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Numele campionului: K'Sante

Poza: image.thumb.png.b49a5ee623e5a797fc5209279f8cf497.png

Poveste: Defiant and courageous,  K'Sante battles colossal beasts and ruthless Ascended to protect his home of Nazumah, a coveted oasis amid the sands of Shurima. But after a falling-out with his former partner, K'Sante realizes that in order to become a warrior worthy of leading his city, he must temper his single-minded drive for success. Only then can he avoid falling prey to his own pride and find the wisdom he needs to defeat the vicious monsters threatening his people.

Early Life : 

K'Sante was born in the  Shuriman city of Nazumah, known for its hunters which regularly slew dangerous beasts. Inspired by his parents' teachings and stories of Nazumah's history when he was young, he dreamt of becoming his hometown's greatest warrior-hunter. He spent twenty years training under the tutelage of several teachers, who taught him how to extract materials and craft them into Nazumah's signature weaponry and infrastructure which enabled it to thrive. During his first years of hunting, K'Sante formed a close friendship with a fellow hunter named Tope, with the two developing a strong bond as they fought beasts together. One evening, K'Sante confessed to Tope that he had feelings for him which extended beyond camaraderie. Tope expressed that he had felt the same way, so the two men shared their first kiss together.

Later, Nazumah was caught in the crossfire between  Azir and  Xerath, who ravaged the continent in a war through their forces. One such creature, a hybrid between a cobra and a lion, appeared and started terrorizing a nearby savannah, so K'Sante and Tope pledged to defeat it. On their first encounter, they were unable to wound the creature due to it being able to regenerate its wounds quickly, so they had no choice but to flee. While the two trained, Tope formulated strategies to defeat the cobra-lion, and they eventually made progress by chipping away a portion of its armor. But K'Sante was not satisfied as he wanted to kill the beast, with him being so lost in his pursuit for glory that he began to look down on Tope, believing he was only holding him back. Over time, the two argued over their differing methods of how to defeat the cobra-lion until they fell out and went their separate ways. K'Sante spent the next year training and trying to defeat the cobra-lion, but he eventually came to terms with his inability to handle the situation by himself so he sought help. He went to Tope's house for help but found his aunt instead, who told K'Sante that he had returned to Marrowmark. However, Tope had left his journal behind to help K'Sante defeat the monster one day, where he wrote his theories that the monster was a Baccai created from Xerath forcibly fusing Shuriman fauna using his magic. K'Sante remembered his parents' teachings, realizing he had underestimated Tope and grew to accept his mistakes with a newfound respect for his now-distant partner.

K'Sante challenged the beast for the final time, this time dodging its attacks while striking when its guard was lowered. Inspired by Tope's theories, he lured the baccai to a waterfall, where it was weakened and left vulnerable as K'Sante was able to slay it once and for all. His victory was celebrated by his fellow Nazumans, and he donated the Baccai's body to be studied under tradition, while keeping two slabs of its armor to craft into his signature ntofos, which were engineered to retain the Baccai's regenerative properties while containing sharp blades which he could utilize until the outer skin reformed. He carved a lion head into each ntofo which was the symbol Tope used to represent the Baccai in his journal, as a way to honor his partner even after their relationship's split. Now, K'Sante has become known as the Pride of Nazumah, promising never let his ego blind him again. Wary of Azir and Xerath's oncoming wars, K'Sante is willing to fight to defend Nazumah against the conflict.


K'Sante is a passionate, determined and strong-willed man who strives to uphold his glory as a hero of Nazumah. Due to being inspired by stories of Nazumah's culture when he was young, he was eager to become a great warrior-hunter like his predecessors. His determination would later become his biggest flaw, where he became blinded by his ambition to slay his Baccai nemesis to the point where he felt aggression towards his lover Tope, seeing his different approach as holding him back even though he wanted to help him. After their breakup, K'Sante eventually realized his own mistakes and that he couldn't fight his battles alone so he opened up to Tope's methods. Since then, K'Sante remains as passionate as ever but this time having a greater awareness of his hubris and refusing to let it get the better of him.

K'Sante holds a strong hatred towards the Ascended and opposes both sides of  Azir and  Xerath's conflict, due to the Shuriman Empire's conquests and wars ravaging the continent and endangering Nazumah in the crossfire.



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