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[Addons] VoleyBall

Shadows Adi

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  • Descriere: Este un addons default pentru AmxModX care foloseste modul VoleyBall 
  • Conţinutul acestuia: ---
  • Autor: FyNNN
  • Pluginuri: "admin.amxx, admin_sql.amxx, adminchat.amxx, admincmd.amxx, adminhelp.amxx, adminslots.amxx, adminvote.amxx, amxmodx_compat.amxx, antiflood.amxx, cmdmenu.amxx, imessage.amxx, mapchooser.amxx, mapsmenu.amxx, menufront.amxx, miscstats.amxx, nextmap.amxx, pausecfg.amxx, plmenu.amxx, plugimenu.amxx, restmenu.amxx, scrollmsg.amxx, stats_logging.amxx, statscfg.amxx, statsx.amxx, telemenu.amxx, timeleft.amxx, volleyballmod.amxx"
  • Link de download: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=137406
  • Imagini (obţional): hqdefault.jpg
  • Informații suplimentare: ---
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