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★ PLUGIN ★ Fake Death Messages V1.0.1


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#Denumire plugin: Fake Death Messages V1.0.1
#Autor: AssKicR
#Informatii: Genereaza mesaje fake ex. uciderea unui jucator.
#Link download:

/* AMX fakedeath. 

* (c) Copyright 2002-2003, AssKicR 
* This file is provided as is (no warranties). 

#include <amxmodx> 
#include <amxmisc> 

* Usage: amx_fakedeath <nick> <nick> <weapon> <hs>
* Examples: 
* amx_fakedeath AssKicR Lamer m4a1       - makes fakemessage: AssKicR killed Lamer With M4A1
* amx_fakedeath AssKicR haXXor m4a1 HS   - makes fakemessage: AssKicR killed haXXor with headshot from M4A1
* amx_fakedeath AssKicR l33t flashbang   - makes fakemessage: AssKicR killed l33t With flashbang
* amx_fakedeath AssKicR AssKicR grenade  - makes fakemessage: AssKicR killed self with grenade
* Changelog
* Fixed Bug about showing as dead when fakekilled

new gmsgScoreAttrib

public admin_fd(id,level,cid) { 
    if (!cmd_access(id,level,cid,3)) 
        return PLUGIN_HANDLED 
    new arg[32], arg2[32], arg3[32], arg4[8]
    new player = cmd_target(id,arg,7)
    new player2 = cmd_target(id,arg2,7)
    //        new weapon = read_argv(3,arg3,7)
    if (!player) return PLUGIN_HANDLED
    if (!player2) return PLUGIN_HANDLED
    new name[32]
    new name2[32]
    if ( (arg4[0]=='h') && (arg4[1]=='s') ) {
        message_begin( MSG_ALL, get_user_msgid("DeathMsg"),{0,0,0},0)
        message_begin( MSG_ALL, get_user_msgid("DeathMsg"),{0,0,0},0)
//        console_print(id,"Client ^"%s^" has killed ^"%s^" with ^"%s^"",player,player2,weapon) 

public scoreboard(id,state){   // 0 - nothing, 1 - dead, 2 - bomb 
   message_begin( MSG_ALL, gmsgScoreAttrib,{0,0,0},0) 

public plugin_init() {  
    register_plugin("Fake DeathMsg","1.0.1","AssKicR")  
    gmsgScoreAttrib = get_user_msgid("ScoreAttrib")
    register_concmd("amx_fakedeath","admin_fd",ADMIN_KICK,"<nick>, <nick>, <weapon>, <hs?>")  
    return PLUGIN_CONTINUE  

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