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Cereri grad Am@zing AIm ?

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  • Nickname: Am@zing Aim ? 
  • Real name: Hafiz_zain
  • Real Age: 19 
  • Number of Positions: i 
  • Old age in the LeagueCs Romania community ? : 6 or 7 motnhs 
  • Moderate experience: I have 
  • Moderation category you choose: Moderator 
  • A brief description about you: I am from pakistan . 19 year's old and i want to have the access on this beautiful commtunity ! 
  • The reason you want access: I like the community and want to help to grow 
  • What do you think you can improve the category to moderate: To close topic's and post the comment on unban ,admin,reclamatii and give my opinion or solve the topic 
  • Other details (optional): Not ! 
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