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Cereri Manger server [GOLD] ELMET


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Name:  GD ^ELMET


The category you want to moderate: I want to be manger admin because i am Detinator of the GOLD server

What improvements can you make to the moderate section ?: i nees access for my server.

The reason why you apply for this degree: to be moderate of my own sv

Experience in the field :i was Detinator on two old forums, now i need only Manger server .i play cs 5 years and moseratee 3 years(i was Forum founder/supervizor/Detinator)( 3ani)

Can you join teamspeak in meetings? Da

Other specifications: we choose this forum because its good forum(activity ect'). Eu vb putin romana

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Hy . You posted on the wrong section . I need to speak with you on teamspeak and with principal owner of the server gold . 

I see the principal owner it`s still Adriano . Come on our teamspeak and send me a private message . 

Locked .


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