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  1. Title : Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini Artist : Skrillex & Rick Ross Piece :
  2. Title : The Verkkars - Ez4ence Artist : the verkkars Piece :
  3. SNK_Omar

    [PLAYLIST] Omar

    Title : Amadeus - Maximum potential Artist : Amadeus Piece :
  4. cu ananas lol Just kidding Salami best
  5. Game Name : Need for speed : No limits Type game : Racing and action Size : 1.3 GB after update Story : The racer comes to blackridge city where there's underground and rival races so he joined a royal's race and he won it and the leader of the races (Ruler) Decides to defeat him and take him out of the city and then the Cops chase after the racers , but the player (You) escaped it and went to a garage where you friend (Kim) helps you with new car and then you start the race... What's good : Cool cars and you can play against players around the world!. Attention!!!! : This game has only english version but you can't change graphics ingame menu so here's the video to change the graphics! Have a great day!
  6. hello dear phone and PC gamers this topic will talk about Phone games you recommend to each other which you like so here's the model: Game name : Type game (genre) : Size (before or after update) : Story or details : What's good : Thanks for attention!!!
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