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Scripting Counter Strike

This area is dedicated to scripting enthusiasts as well as those who are looking for answers about certain plugins. In this section you can post requests for plugins as well as new plugins.


  1. Plugins LeagueCS 106 posts

    In this section you can find plugins which are approved by a Leader in Scripting.

  2. Plugins edit 101 posts

    Modificări ale pluginurilor

  3. Plugins requests 268 posts

    Plugins Requests. Only for the community servers(LeagueCS).

  4. AmxModX Tutorials 3 posts

    Tutoriale pentru limbajul Pawn necesare scripting-ului in Counter Strike.

  5. Scripting Help 20 posts

    Are you a beginner or a skilled? Do you need help? This is the perfect place where You can ask other Scripters for help

  6. Unapproved Plugins 8 posts

    In this section you can find plugins which we are not recommend to be used. You still can use them on YOUR RESPONSABILITY.

  7. Cos de reciclare 5 posts

    Toate topicurile care nu respecta regulamentul sau daca se considera cu nu trebuie postate, vor ajunge aici.

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