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Your real name: Ray Michael

Your CS name: A d a m

Steam_id: STEAM_1:1:613451635

How old are you?: 20

Your objective?: To help the server I can get online anytime if there's no admin in server that time 

Time dedicated to activity: around 5 hours

Experience as an admin (and since when you have been playing counter-strike: I've been playing cs since 5 years and I have the experience being an admin before 

What is the reason for applying as an admin?: To make sure the server is safe from the player who is hacking in game

How do you see yourself? (Describe yourself): My name is Ray Michael, I'm 20 years old, I like to spend time on playing games and traveling. Such a friendly person and be kind to others

Have you read our rules? (Keyword)O Berica

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