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Cerere Ban Ar3n;


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Today I played again on the server 

and Ar3n the dog shit was there.

This little faggot banned me of course and guess what? The server was 7vs7 only.

He and the little dog shit player dodo banned 3 players before they banned me.

Your admins keep banning players. You will destroy the server with those shit admins.


You should revoke all admins from idiots like Ar3n, dodo and all the other dog shits in the server


How, the, fuck, do you give admin to a shit player like Ar3n? This bitch doesnt even know how to hold a mouse. 

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Posted (edited)

Update: It's almost 14:00 and 0 players in the server :(

You should not give admins to idiots like Ar3n and dodo 😕


P.S. I don't need unban I'm already on the server


Edit: NVM I left the server it's only 3 bot players now

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[IASI-BAN] Ar3N; :  banned [H] T_I_T_A_N. Reason: 0. Ban Length: Permanent Ba




Ar3n reason ban  :D


top moderator ♥

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