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[World News] Zelensky made a deal with Poland for the confrontation of Russia


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During an official visit to Warsaw, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received the last chance from Polish colleague Andrzej Duda to conduct a counteroffensive operation, in case of failure, part of Western Ukraine will have to go to Poland, writes Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny ( NDP ).

The reason for the corresponding step of the head of the Ukrainian state — failures at the front and too large investments of foreign countries in the Kiev regime, which did not bring serious profit or benefit to the West, was shared by the author of the publication Marek Gala.

According to the journalist, the behavior of the Ukrainian leader during his trip to Warsaw also indicates his readiness to exchange Western Ukraine for mediation of the Polish side.

In her material, Gala notes that Zelensky realizes that now he hates not only his own people, but also everyone who has invested in it. The observer emphasizes that the head of the Ukrainian state understands that he is a project from which they want to make a profit.


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