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[World News] « No matter how they got this summons ». Nominees will be called online Kartapolov said that electronic and paper summons will have equal legal force


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The military will be able to receive electronic summons through « Public Services » or at the MFC, said Andrei Kartapolov, head of the State Duma defense committee, on April 10. According to him, electronic and paper agendas will have the same legal force. In addition, it will be remotely possible to register or deregister it. Alerts are also introduced by custom mail and « security measures » for — dodgers they may be prohibited from leaving the Russian Federation. Read more — in « Newspapers.Ru ».

Electronic notifications from military committees duplicate traditional agendas, they will have equal legal force — the relevant amendments were approved for the second reading of the bill aimed at creating a single register of those liable for military service. The chairman of the committee said this on Monday evening, April 10 State Duma on defense Andrey Kartapolov.

And it is proposed to duplicate these agendas electronically. In this case, a military officer can get them either through his personal account, or through the portal of public services, or in multifunctional centers », — the parliamentarian said.

« Absolutely the same legal force, no matter how the summons got this summons », — the deputy explained.

According to him, those who are required will be able to remotely register or deregister him, as well as make changes to the credentials, reports TASS.

In addition, evaders from conscription will come digital notification with a ban on leaving Russia. 

« A number of interim measures will be imposed on those who evade. If he pretends not to receive a summons, he will be obliged to appear at the military commissariat during the next draft for two weeks. If he does not, then he will receive a digital notification with the signature of the head of the commissariat.

Later, a prisoner of war may be banned from driving vehicles, selling and buying real estate, taking loans, etc. », — Kartapolov told.

Recall that at the end of last year, the head of the State Duma defense committee said that an increase in the age of conscription from 18 years to 21 years can only be realized through changes in the legislation, and this can happen in 2023.

« Time Velay »

Amendment of the electronic method of sending out subpoenas was previously announced by the deputy Victor Sobolev. He reported that this would happen in the near future and would facilitate the work of military committees.

Last week, the State Duma returned to the stage of the second reading a bill changing the rules for notifying citizens about the need to appear in a military enlistment office as part of an army draft. This document arrived at the lower house of parliament in early 2018.

The bill passed its first reading five years ago, in April 2018, the second — only in February 2022. The third reading was scheduled for March, but it was eventually postponed.

« After that, the bill lay motionless for a year, after which on March 30, 2023, the defense committee proposed returning it to the second reading stage. At a meeting on April 6, State Duma deputies supported this proposal », — writes RBK.

Changes to « Services »

April 1, the head of the Ministry of Finance RF Maksut Shadaev claimed, that the latest changes to « Services » are not related to rumors about the allegedly preparing country mobilization.

« We do not expect anything like this, we are not preparing for mobilization. We exhale », — the minister said, adding that « for especially disturbing » on the portal there is a function « unsubscribe from messages from government agencies ».

As it became known earlier, users of the site and application « Public Services » did not receive the function of deleting an account.

The Ministry of Digital confirmed that this function was disabled because « cases of hacking of personal cabinets » became more frequent. You can now delete the account when you visit the MFC on your own.


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