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[World news] The attack of a group of soldiers of the Armed Forces by two Russian military hit the video


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« RV » published the attack frames of a group of soldiers of the Armed Forces by two Russian military

The video hit the attack of a group of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ( VSU ) by two Russian military personnel. Kadr published Telegram- channel « Russian Spring Military Corps ».

The video shows how two Russian fighters went to storm the trenches of the Armed Forces, throwing grenades at them. However, one military enemy came in from the flank, after which he fell into one of the Russian soldiers.

It is specified that the collision was recorded by an unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ) of the enemy. « Our guys really lacked coordination from the drone, then they would not have missed the enemy attack from the side of », — the authors of the channel concluded.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense published the return of more than a hundred military personnel from Ukrainian captivity. They show how the returning soldiers are examined by doctors, and after the fighters they give out a new uniform.



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