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Kent Klark

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Ban Information 
Name: kentAk!z 
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:341713813 
Reason: no.ss 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: -GuardiaN- 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:542


i have problem with minimazing the game i told him i will upload it on the forum , he gave me direct ban



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These are the picture's that i have

i am using hud_saytext when i am not dead for higher fps and a fpsboost config.Without this i have 30 fps , with them i have 70.

hud_saytext - type it in the console and see what happens

https://gamebanana.com/scripts/8395 - here's the fpsbooster

if that is forbidden , close the server


i Think someone more experienced should judge



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I don't have a green picture , evrything that i have is beeing posted here.

I saw also on other unban request from anoyher player , he doesn't have it also and the unban was accepted.

I don't now why it is not made , if i had it,  there is no reason why i shouldn't post it here.

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