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Rezultatele competitiei [20.12.2020]

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Meciul 1: God's [VS] kreatyve.
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3653505 
Rezultat: 2-0

Meciul 2: Anus Destroyers [VS] killegirls
Link: neprezentare Anus Destroyers
Rezultat: 0-2

Meciul 3: Echipa Nepot Peek [VS] CeDaBlaju
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3653595 
Rezultat: 0-2

Sfert 1: -GP- [VS] God's
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3654485 / https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3654980 
Rezultat: 2-0

Sfert 2: Spiritul Craciunului [VS] FC Litigii
Link: neprezentare Spiritul Craciunului
Rezultat: 0-2

Sfert 3: XANTARESPEEK [VS] killegirls
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3654456 
Rezultat: 2-0

Sfert 4: FlipperGod [VS] CeDaBlaju
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3654824 
Rezultat: 0-2

Semifinala 1: God's [VS] FC Litigii
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3655355 
Rezultat: 2-0

Semifinala 2: XANTARESPEEK [VS] CeDaBlaju
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3655944 
Rezultat: 0-2

Finala Mica: FC Litigii [VS] XANTARESPEEK
Link: descalificare XANTARESPEEK pentru injurii si suferinte
Rezultat: 2-0

Finala Mare: God's [VS] CeDaBlaju
Link: https://csgo.fastcup.net/match3656833 
Rezultat: 2-0


Locul 1God's
Locul 2CeDaBlaju
Locul 3FC Litigii

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