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LCS Points

Purchase Premium to have acces to this color

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  • Topic should be at least 5-7 lines with relevant information.
  • It is recommended to add screenshots or pictures to facilitate the recommendation process.
  • The title of the topic should define the recommendation.
  • Use the "Search" function to make sure that the recommendation has not been addressed.
  • Topics that have NOT received an answer for more than 72 hours will be closed.
  • It is MANDATORY to post the source where you were inspired by.
  • Do not abuse the category.
  • You can open a maximum of 10 topic per day.
  • Vulgar language, defiant attitude and any mocking answers will be sanctioned with verbal warning, or even warning points, depending on the seriousness of the act.
  • Warning: Violation Any rule leads to a verbal warning and the closing of the topic.
  • Remember rules for protect you so please make sure to follow and best of luck.
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