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  1. Song name: дыме сигарет Type: Gangsta Rap
  2. How mobile apps grab attention As part of an international collaboration, Aalto University researchers have shown that our common understanding of what attracts visual attention to screens, in fact, does not transfer to mobile applications. Despite the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets, this is the first study that empirically tested how users' eyes follow commonly used mobile app elements. Previous work on what attracts visual attention, or visual saliency, has centered on desktop and web-interfaces. "Apps appear differently on a phone than on a de
  3. New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells Virtual reality software which allows researchers to 'walk' inside and analyse individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease. The software, called vLUME, was created by scientists at the University of Cambridge and 3-D image analysis software company Lume VR Ltd. It allows super-resolution microscopy data to be visualised and analysed in virtual reality, and can be used to study everything from individual proteins to entire ce
  4. New tool detects unsafe security practices in Android apps Computer scientists at Columbia Engineering have shown for the first time that it is possible to analyze how thousands of Android apps use cryptography without needing to have the apps' actual codes. The team's new tool, CRYLOGGER, can tell when an Android app uses cryptography incorrectly—it detects the so-called 'cryptographic misuses' in Android apps. When given a list of rules that should be followed for secure cryptography—guidelines developed by expert cryptographers and organizations such as NIST and IET
  5. Former Yahoo CEO Mayer makes comeback with new contacts app Former Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer began her comeback to the tech scene Wednesday with the launch of a new mobile app aimed at helping people organize their contacts. The startup created by Mayer after her departure from Yahoo in 2017 unveiled its app called Sunshine Contacts, which "automatically creates a comprehensive set of your personal and professional contacts from disparate places like your phone, online address books, and email," according to the company. "The essential technologies
  6. Google launches strong encryption for Android messages Google said Thursday it will be rolling out end-to-end encryption for Android users, making it harder for anyone—including law enforcement—to read the content of messages. "End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, including Google and third parties, can read the content of your messages as they travel between your phone and the phone of the person you're messaging," said Google product lead Drew Rowny in announcing the rollout. Google's move is part of an upgrade from SMS to the Rich Communication Servi
  7. Software developed to help programmers prototype graphic user interfaces A new artificial intelligence (AI) system has been developed to help ordinary untrained people to design and create applications and software for smartphones and personal computers. With the help of this system, non-designers can quickly and easily create a user-friendly mobile app. A research team, led by Professor Sungahn Ko in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UNIST has developed a deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) system that can provide design recommenda
  8. Hope for Fortnite gamers as developer launches App Store bypass software Gamers are now able to play previously-unavailable titles on Apple devices after developers launched software that bypasses the App Store and allows users to access PC games on the Safari browser, paving the way for Fortnite to return to iPhones. Apple pulled the wildly popular open-world game from its online store in mid-August after developer Epic Games released an update that dodges revenue sharing with the iPhone maker, and the companies are locked in a legal battle. Now Silicon Vall
  9. Diego Maradona buried as scores of fans mourn in the streets of Buenos Aires Diego Maradona was buried on Thursday in a private ceremony on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. A small number of close family and friends were permitted into the Bella Vista cemetery, where the soccer great's parents are also interred. Earlier fans had lined the streets as Maradona's body departed Argentina's presidential palace, Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires, where he lay in honor for public viewing following his death, aged 60. Live images from Casa Rosada showed crowds of peopl
  10. French police officers suspended after a video emerges of them beating a Black man Several French police officers were suspended Thursday after a video emerged of them beating a Black man in Paris. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said he personally ordered the suspensions after the security camera footage was published by the news website Loopsider. The video from Saturday shows the man, identified by his lawyer as Michel Zecler, being beaten by the officers. "These images are unspeakable, extremely shocking and as soon as I learned about them,
  11. Radical Acceptance: A Gentle Way to Be with Our Feelings A mindful path to self-regulation. We often hear that it is important to love ourselves and embrace our true feelings. But how can we soothe ourselves when we’re feeling overwhelmed—when our inner resources aren’t available to deal with external challenges? Due to the stress and frenzied pace of modern-day life, we often live on automatic pilot. Things happen at work or in relationships that we don’t have time—or take time—to process. We can take better care of ourselves emotionally if we can find a str
  12. Visual Memories Linger If You Want People to Remember, Give Them an Image In the early 1960s, Canadian psychologist Allan Paivio and his colleagues noticed that people recall words better on psychological tests when those words elicit visual mental images. People often remember concrete items better than abstract ones, maybe because specific, material terms “more easily evoke imagery” (Paivio 1991, 347). When many people hear words, the “click of comprehension” comes when they see something in their mind’s eye (Paivio 1991, 108). Paivio’s experiments indicate that
  13. Drunk dialing, texts & voicemails Hide Your Phone Now Before It’s Too Late The Holidays are here, and some of us will be partying and might find ourselves drunk at the end of the night and instead of going to bed we pull out our phone. I’ve woken up after a night of hard drinking, and I have dread going through my phone to see who I texted, what I texted, who I called, how long was the call, did I leave a VM, or actually speak to someone? Here we go, I shall divulge on a personal tip. Checking a sent email or sent text is one thing, but when I l
  14. Death and Thanksgiving At a time like this, memento mori can be a powerful gratitude prime Last week, the folks on the obituary desk of Radio France Internationale saw their worst nightmare materialize. A computer bug caused more than a hundred obits, banked and awaiting deployment — to be published, instantly killing off public figures ranging from Queen Elizabeth to Péle. Alerted to the gaffe, the broadcaster quickly pulled the stories and issued an embarrassed apology. But the move had already done its work. It created a funny (funny weird, not funny
  15. 7 Remedies For Lonely Holidays Due To Covid and Divorce One isolating incident is tough, but two? Helpful tools to get through. The Problem Leave it to a once-in-a-century pandemic to make people evaluate whether they are living the life they want to be living. Couples already having one foot out the door couldn't bear the thought of being trapped inside, especially with kids home from school, and out-of-the-house diversions and self-care unavailable. Just one month into the Covid-19 lockdowns in this country, the number of divorce petitions filed


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