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  1. Mai multe pisici au fost rănite în localitatea Poarta Albă din județul Constanţa. Vă avertizăm urmează imagini cu impact emoţional. În poze se vede că felinele sunt rănite cu obiecte ascuţite. Potrivit telespectatorului care ne-a trimis fotografiile, una dintre pisici a murit deja. Un alt animal, şi el rănit, a fost găsit astăzi şi dus la veterinar pentru a primi îngrijiri de specialitate. Polițiștii s-au autosesizat și au deschis un dosar penal pentru uciderea animalelor, cu intenție, fără drept și rănirea sau schingiuirea animalelor. Vă reamintim, dacă sunteţi şi dumnea
  2. Rusia și China au semnat marți un memorandum pentru construirea unei stații de cercetare pe Lună, a anunțat Roscosmos, agenția aerospațială a Moscovei, potrivit Reuters. Moscova și Beijing urmează să stabilească un itinerar pentru construirea stației, afirmând că intenționează să colaboreze îndeaproape la planificarea, proiectarea și implementarea proiectului precum și la prezentarea sa comunității aerospațiale internaționale. „O stație științifică internațională este un experiment complex și instalațiile de cercetare create pe suprafața și/sau în orbita Lunii vor fi proiectate pentr
  3. While women have indeed come a long way — having given up on practices spearheaded by patriarchal values — do they have the agency to truly choose what they want to do, without worrying about consequences or seeking permission? No. According to a study done by dating app OkCupid, where the data was gathered by asking questions on the app itself, it was found that only 28 per cent of women can choose freely for themselves. The majority has to seek ‘permission’ to live their lives, and considering that pursuing education and having a career is a privilege for many Indian women — not so
  4. Women, while wearing many hats and juggling many roles and responsibilities, often forget to take care of their health. Women’s Day comes as a reminder every year that they need to prioritise their health and well-being, before doing other things. On the occasion, Dr Deepthi Ashwin, a senior obstetrician and gynecologist at Fortis La Femme Hospital, Richmond Road, Bengaluru talks about some important health issues that women ought to know about. Here are eight most-common ailments; read on. * Endometriosis: This happens when the glands lining the uterus develop outside it, on ovaries
  5. Just how far does £50,000 get you in the hunt for a usable supercar? Spoiler alert: not very – at least if you factor in fuel, servicing and repair costs. But you can stretch to some surprisingly exotic metal if you have got 50 bags of sand to spend on an initial purchase. Take the Ferrari 360 Modena, now overshadowed by its increasingly potent F430, 458 Italia and 488 GTB successors but still a worthy bearer of the prestigious prancing horse. Built around a new aluminium spaceframe said to weigh around 40% less than the steel underpinnings of its F355 forebear, the 360 takes a punchy 390
  6. Nissan is building up to the launch of a new generation of its Qashqai best-seller and has revealed key details ahead of the car’s debut early next year. The third iteration of what the brand terms its “pioneering” crossover aims to build on its segment-leading success, with more than three million examples of the first two generations sold across Europe and five million globally. It will use a new platform, is designed, engineered and built in the UK and, for the first time, won’t feature a diesel engine. The Japanese manufacturer has released only disguised prototype shots and a pr
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