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  1. Nume: Michael Nick Server: EBITDA Gradul: Moderator https://imgur.com/a/v3RAWKG
  2. Name: Michael Nick server: EBITDA Grade: Moderator
  3. Hello, I saw the demo and I would like to provide my humble opinion. I will provide 2 clips below and explain that something is suspicious. For better judgement, I will also upload a 3rd clip of a random demo of me playing. I take 4-5 kills, 2 misses and 1 wallbang. You can see all of them have a natural smooth movement. No tilts, no shake, no anything. Videos aren't so good quality but it gets the job done. 1) First clip, slow motion when hits the enemy on t-base. First shot is a miss and seems natural. The second shot though, has an un-natural movement of "to the l
  4. Good player! Low profile in-game, polite to everyone Pro if keeps up the hours online
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