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  1. RO Update : Am observat că nu se ține cont de modelul făcut , așa că rog frumos tot staff ul să prezinte o dovadă a banului acordat ENG Update: I noticed that the model made is not taken into account, so I kindly ask all the staff to present a proof of the money given
  2. It is impossible not to have the pictures, look in the cs file for a folder called "csstrike" and then look for the pictures by the name de_dust20002 or something similar , and then upload on imgur.com or postimage.org
  3. Yes, the complaint is very interesting ..... but I never play without sound! I rarely play when I have background music ... I don't know what you heard, but please listen very well to the sound, I don't want to brag or anything, but I've been playing this game for almost 11 years and I'm 19 years old, with phase B, it was a clear sound Regarding the bans granted, that player was banned on this server, for drop.ss + drop.wg, next time please ask why it was banned? I will leave a wg here (https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2278836), the reason why wg was red is because I had an old wg in my computer that I did not use (if you believe me ofc) So I'm waiting for the opinion of the other admins / owners
  4. Thanks for the warning, but there's nothing we can do without proof other than keep an eye on him
  5. Who banned you ? please let wg test here !
  6. Nume si parola in privat lui : @Gifynel , @FreAky. , @Zaranoff , @The Witcher Numarul de telefon sa fii adaugat in grupul de whatsapp Gradul primit va fi ,,Admin” ! Fiecare admin va primi UP in functie de activitate si comportament! Iti multumim pentru interes !!! Staff-ul LIGHT recomanda citirea regulamentului adminilor pentru o monotorizare corecta a serverului !
  7. Salutare , tocmai ce ai facut o cerere de admin , daca doresti alege una dintre ele si lasa un reply aici !
  8. Te vad aproape zilnic pe server , mult succes !
  9. Hi, from what I noticed you put a picture that has nothing to do with what Taffarel asked you, it is impossible not to receive 4 pictures, post all the pictures to receive unban, you cannot receive unban because: 1. The request made in a hurry without a model 2. I do not see the evidence present 3. You don't have all the pictures post all pictures Until that
  10. Hey ,abdulabasyuneba , who give u ban ? And you can let here wargod test , i know you , and we will wait the admin who ban you ......
  11. Dude , I tell you to respect the request admin model (click here). You can make another admin request on Thursday because you did not follow the admin request model Until that /
  12. You wrong the section of admin request , here is TAG request for server tag , Go on section Admin request and follow the model
  13. You'll be banned until you start talking nicely to the staff , without any discussion : 1. You did not follow the model of unban requests 2. You insulted a staff member Until you speak nicely with any staff member , you will not unbanned Topic Closed
  14. Să mărești activitatea Mult succes!


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