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  1. [Jb] Rules

    The rules must be read.

  2. [Jb] Events

    Here will be the events for JB.LEAGUECS.RO

  3. [Jb] Announcements & Update + Contests

    Announcements about update contests will be held here.

  4. [Jb] Access Requests Policeman / Tags / Up

    Here the admin / up / slot requests will be made

  5. [Jb] Complaints

    Admin / player / vip complaints will be made here

  6. [Jb] Ban-List

    Here you post all the banned players on the server.

  7. [Jb] Withdrawal Request

    Here you can make requests for withdrawal x number / month days

  8. [Jb] UnBan requests

    Here you can request unban on the server.

  9. [Jb] Server Proposals

    Here you will propose what you want for the new.

  10. [Jb] Discord Server (64 visits to this link)

  11. [Jb] Staff Only

    Only admins can access this category. (For the password pm Lucifer)

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