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  1. [ZM] Discord Server (104 visits to this link)


  2. [ZM] Rules & Announces

    [ROIn aceasta categorie gasiti regulile serverului precum si anunturile
    [ENIn this category you will find server rules and server announces

  3. [ZM] Request

    [ROIn aceasta categorie puteti face cerere de Admin/Tag/VIP/Slot/Unban
    [EN] In this category you can make an Admin/Tag/VIP/Slot/Unban request

  4. [ZM] Complaints Admins/Players

    [RO] In aceasta categorie puteti face reclamatii adminilor/playerilor raufacatori
    [EN] In this category you can make complaints for bad admins/players

  5. [ZM] Suggestions

    [RO] Daca aveti o idee buna pentru imbunatatirea serverului, puteti sa o postati aici
    [EN] If you have a good idea for this server, you can post here

  6. [ZM] Archive

    [RO] In aceasta categorie se regasesc topicurile vechi
    [EN] Old topics can be found in this category


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