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Detinatori: @LiVE BaLaNn 


  1. [REMAKE] GameTracker Server (46 visits to this link)

    This ls the Servers GameTraker

  2. [REMAKE] General Rules

    Here you can find the rules of the server

  3. [REMAKE] Administrative announcements

    Here you can find the administrative announcements

  4. [REMAKE] Administrative Team

    Here you will find the CSGO Family (staff)

  5. [REMAKE] Request Acces

    Here everyone who wants to can make an admin request

  6. [REMAKE] Request Unban

    If you were banned by an admin and you think he/she made a mistake, come and make a request and we resolve it

  7. [REMAKE] Complaints

    Here you can make a complaint if you think the admin made a mistake

  8. [REMAKE] Ban list

    Here you will find all the banned players by our admins from the server.

  9. [REMAKE] Free Discussions

    Here you can talk about anything you want to as long it is a proper conversation without insults

  10. [REMAKE] Archive

    Here you will find the unnecessary posts that were sent to the trash.

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