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  1. Rules

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩To avoid any kind of problems,please read our rules carefully!

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  2. WARGODS   (150 visits to this link)

    Benefits & disadvantage

  3. Staff Server

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩Here you can find the list of the staff members LIGHT.LEAGUECS.RO 💪

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  4. Administrative Announcements

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩 Here you can find the banlist, important informations for admins,topics about absences and withdrawals!

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  6. Boost Server

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩 Vote our server daily! 🤩

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  7. Request Acces

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩If you are willing to be a member of the LIGHT staff, submit an application!

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  8. Unban Requests

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]😈This section is dedicated for those players who thinks they were Banned UNFAIRLY!

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  9. Complaints

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]😳Here you can report players but admins as well whom are abusing the rules!

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  10. Motions

    1uVDGNs.gif[EN]🤩We are open for any kind of ideas and suggestions!

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  11. Entertainment

    1uVDGNs.gif[RO]🤩Here you can leave a little presentation / Your own creations or all kind of stuffs🤩

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