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[CS:GO] 2v2 Competition

A LeagueCS Romania brand production · Connect with us on TS.LEAGUECS.RO · Organized by Pomarleanu


  1. Rules

    8apxAng.png Rules for the proper functioning of the competition! Read it so we don't have any surprises!

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  2. Announces and Prizes


    SVLmobz.png Prizes, information on how to create a match and the list of participants will appear only here

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  3. Registration


    2llduEC.png Register right now for our competition. Don't forget to read the rules first!

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  4. Results

    wzqdECK.png The competition, the results of each stage are listed here!

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  5. Complaints

    ayOnE0N.png Do you consider that an injustice has been done, does your opponent use codes or is the rule not respected? Let us know!

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