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  1. ➥ General 26 posts

    ➣ Aici găsești Regulamentul Serverului, Anunțuri și informațiile necesare pentru a dona.

  2. ➥ Motions 6 posts

    ➣ In this category you can propose something for the Server or you can report a BUG.

  3. ➥ Access Requests 138 posts

    In this category applications are made for Admin, Slot, VIP or UP.

  4. ➥ Complaints 11 posts

    ➣ This category claims Admini who do not comply with the rules or Players who play with codes on the Server.

  5. ➥ UnBan application 163 posts

    If you took BAN unfairly here you can apply for UnBan.

  6. ➥ Ban-List Admins 503 posts

    This category is for ADMINS, here they keep track of the money given on the Server.

  7. ➥ Prezentations 19 posts

    In this category you can introduce yourself.

  8. ➥ Free Discussions 143 posts

    Anything about the server can be discussed in this category.

  9. ➥ Admin School 1 posts

    This category is for Admins who do not have such a great experience.

  10. ➥Statistics Server GameTracker 0 posts (20 visits to this link)

    Here is the Server Statistics, you can see the hours played.


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  11. ➥ Archive

    Nothing is thrown away, everything is kept in the archive!

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