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  1. [GO] GO.LEAGUECS.RO GAMETRACKER (512 visits to this link)

    This is the Server's GameTracker

  2. [GO] Discord Server (153 visits to this link)

    If you wanna join us on our DISCORD server, press here.

  3. [GO] Rules

    Here you can find the general rules of the Server!

  4. [GO] Staff List

    Here you can find the list with the Server's Staff!

  5. [GO] Events

    Here you will find all the Contests conducted / in progress of this Server!

  6. [GO] Vote the Server

    Here you can find the list with all the voting sites, you can vote the server daily.

  7. [GO] Announces & Information

    Here you can find the announcements and informations about the server.

  8. [GO] VIP and Packs Prices

    Here you will find the benefits you can get by donating. For further informations, contact an Owner

  9. [GO] Requests

    Here you will find all requests for: Adminship, UnBan, Reserved Name ( Slot ).

  10. [GO] Server Suggestions

    Here you can find all other's suggestions. If you have a susuggestion for server's benefit, you can open a thread here.

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  11. [GO] Staff Only

    To get the password, contact an OWNER.

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