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  1. Discord Server
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  2. RESPAWN - Rules
    1 post

    RESPAWN.LEAGUECS.RO server rules. Read it! Learn it! Respect it!

  3. RESPAWN - Request Acceses
    14 posts

    In this category you can make an ADMIN & SLOT & TAG request!

  4. RESPAWN - Request Unban
    1 post

    Do you feel you have been wronged? Make a request here, accompanied by proof, and we'll sort it out.

  5. RESPAWN - Staff ONLY
    13 posts

    Only server admins have access here!

  6. RESPAWN - Free Discussions
    89 posts

    Here you can have discussions of any kind, but within the limits of common sense. Forum games are also accepted within the limits of common sense.

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