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  1. [SUCEAVA] Rules
    1 post

    Rules of the server SUCEAVA.LEAGUECS.RO

  2. [SUCEAVA] Announcements
    1 post

    Various announcements related to our server.

  3. Staff - SUCEAVA
    1 post

    SUCEAVA.LEAGUECS.RO server team

  4. [SUCEAVA] Request Admin
    1 post

    In this category you can make an ADMIN or RESERVED SLOT request
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  5. [SUCEAVA Evidence Ban
    1 post

    Admins are required to post the money.
    Evidence is mandatory otherwise you will be REMOVED.

  6. [SUCEAVA] Request Unban
    1 post

    Do you feel you have been wronged? Make a request here, accompanied by a proof, and we will solve it.

  7. [SUCEAVA] Complaints Staff
    1 post

    You think an admin is abusive File a complaint here, and if you're right, we'll take action.

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