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Jailbreak - JB

Server Jb.LeagueCs.Ro #JAILBREAK #RO

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  1. [JailBreak] Rules
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    regulament-png-bfd162a4abe3268ccf36d0e49 Jb.LeagueCs.Ro server rules

  2. [JailBreak] Control Panel 17 visits to this link
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  3. [JailBreak] Announcements
    28 posts

    anunturi-png-8dca1b7da456d305351b5ec9676 Any announcement related to the server will be posted here!

  4. [JailBreak] Admin request
    1 post

    cereriadmin-png-bc54ff26c32fd3250e1ead26 Do you think you can be part of the staff? Make a request!

  5. [JailBreak] Unban request
    1 post

    cereriunban-png-d0651062a9dcd423e22f21d1 Did you get banned unfairly? Make a unban request !

  6. [JailBreak] Complaints
    4 posts

    reclamatii-png-f3ecafaf05e90a4a84b1f9032 Here you can make a complaints abount an admin or a player!

  7. [JailBreak] Server discussions
    3 posts

    discutii-png-914c2e7ec330f88afb39ce038bb Any discussion related to the server will be posted here!

  8. [JailBreak] Inactivity
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    inactivitatev-png-8edbdcd584460f3ef4b9bc Will you be inactive for an indefinite period? Post here!

  9. [JailBreak] Change nicm
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    schimbarenick-png-a073c51e1bd43e27dc208f If you want to change your nickname, post here!

  10. [JailBreak] Admins Prices
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    preturiadmin-png-5c3a2c16a3eb031863f4c9c Do you want to help the server with a donation? Look at the prices on the server!

  11. [JailBreak] Archive
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    This is where useless topics end up. 

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